25th August 2017: MJ & Paradigm Shift gets ‘Best New Find’ from Frequency 21 Mag at Love Supreme Festival

Frequency 21 Mag has called MJ’s Paradigm Shift the ‘Best New Find’ at this year’s Love Supreme Festival.  Check the full review here:

Best New Find

Michael Janisch & Paradigm Shift

Michael Janisch has been around for a long time, growing up in Ellsworth, Wisconsin and then moving to London not too long ago to cement his place in Jazz.

Festivals are always a fantastic place to learn and discover new music and new bands and I was not disappointed when I stumbled upon Janisch and his band, Paradigm Shift playing The Big Top stage, just after lunchtime with a very energetic and loving crowd. The Whirlwind Recordings’ boss is a force to be reckoned with and matched with his massively talented band, it is clear to see why they were booked to play at Love Supreme. My recommendation would be to have a quick search and play on Spotify of Janisch’s work and I will be very surprised if you leave unhappy.



Posted on Aug 25th, 2017 by Elaine.